The Cytochrome B “equidistance problem”

  • A represents the split between Fungi and Animalia
  • B represents the split between Ecdysozoa and Deuterostomia
  • C represents the split between Echinodermata and Chordata
  • D represents the split between Reptilia and Mammalia
  • E represents the split between Carnivora and Primates

4 thoughts on “The Cytochrome B “equidistance problem”

    1. I’m not entirely sure myself. I do remember reading somewhere that Jeanson got his PhD from Harvard _SOLELY_ as a tool for evangelism. i.e. “This guy must be right because he has a PhD from Harvard”. I’d have to do some research to attribute it correctly though …

      I’ve emailed him about this a few times, and he just changes the topic.

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